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What computer should I buy?

It depends! What computer you should buy depends on many things. What you’re going to be using it for, what’s your budget, where will you be taking it, what environments will it be used in. And many more depending on the answers to those 4 questions. It’s near impossible to give a clear indication of the correct system for you without understanding your needs. If we were only interested in selling you a system we might throw some prices at you in an effort to get a sale (that would be great! but not our company philosophy). I’m sure no company would be so preoccupied with profits and shareholders as to just try and sell you any system so long as the price is right. Because surely you’ll just be saying things like “It’s not fit for purpose” “It’s going out the window” etc etc. Computers are productivity tools, and like any tool there’s good and there’s bad. If you’re going to buy a tool of any sort 1. You should speak with someone who knows their stuff 2. You should speak with someone whos interest is customer satisfaction not hitting targets 3. You should feel comfortable that what you’re going to purchase is fit for purpose and from the right people should anything go wrong. Call Aurora Computers today for a more personal service - 01937 586888