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Mad about Macarons with York Cookery School

Challenge was the order of the weekend and there is no greater challenge for me than cooking! Don't get me wrong, whipping up a main course seems to be more in style with my capabilities but throw anything sweet or savory in the oven and well, knocking nails in is the only use for the end result,,,, until now! Invited by York Cookery School to attend their French Macaron class, my first thought was to have York Fire Brigade on standby and B&Q ready to stock my creations. At York Cookery School however, you can indulge in your love of cooking, pick up new recipes and techniques or in my case simply learn how to do it. From stepping in the doors at 9:40am the atmosphere was fun and relaxed. Over a coffee, I was introduced to my 9 fellow student chefs. There was a wide age range and skill set around the table but quickly we all got to know each other before our session started. Our instructor for the day was the lovely Kate Clarkson, who is right at home creating all things sweet, being York Cookery Schools resident cake designer. After a method demonstration by Kate to the class, we were put into pairs. Armed with an apron and instructions it was our turn to cook and we headed to our areas.

The process was brilliant with Kate popping round everyone to lend assistance, where necessary, and answer questions.

As the day continued and our French Macarons started to take shape, and after a few 'Bake Off' glances around the room at what everyone else was doing, I can't describe the feeling of self achievement as our shells and ganache actually looked like that of our professional instructor. It was a real moment for me and I didn't hesitate telling my fellow students!

Our delicate (yes I made delicate) light, airy, meringue based confectioneries looked outstanding, with an array of rainbow colours fit for any sky.

Of course, the proof they say is in the pudding. Rubbish, the proof is in the tasting and 'my oh my' I was in Macaron Heaven.

Well done to everyone who attended on the day. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that every flavour was my favourite flavour!

Thank you to York Cookery School and especially Kate for turning a 'Can't Cook' into a 'Can Cook'. In fact I had so much fun I will be back to another master class soon.

Whether it's tasty treats or delicious dishes, York Cookery School provides a range of mouth-watering cookery classes, from cupcakes and macarons to cuisine from far-flung places.

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