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Better things on the Horizon...

Better things on the Horizon

The Horizon service sits on two banks of remote servers, these servers not only manage all the portal traffic but also call traffic as well. Each Horizon account is assigned to one group of servers with the idea that if one of the servers within the group goes down the others will take over to try and minimise loss of functionality and service. As part of the continued commitment to maintaining and improving the resilience of Horizon, works are currently taking place to decommission the existing two server banks and replace them with seven new, expanded banks of servers which will be better able to spread and support the load of not just current users but also future users.

Office inaccessible?

Our features allow your business to carry on making & taking calls - whatever the circumstances...


  • 80% of businesses affected by some kind of disaster either never recover or close within 18 months of reopening?

  • The average time it takes for a business to get back up and running after a disaster is 9.4 days?

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