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More SMEs working remotely

More SMEs than ever before are embracing the remote working revolution, a new survey has found. 66% of small companies are now either operating remotely or employed remote staff, according to research from Nimvelo, an Internet-based phone service.

The survey found that:

  • 66% of UK SMEs surveyed are now using remote workers

  • 70% reported savings of £10 or more each month by using a VoIP telephone system instead of traditional landlines

  • Cash-strapped entrepreneurs are investing more in their product than their infrastructure

In terms of the drivers of the remote working trend, the main one is obvious: business owners stated that not maintaining a physical office saves a significant amount of money. “70% of respondents noted that they saved over £10 a month (with 40% saving closer to £20 a month) by using a VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone system instead of traditional landlines,” the research showed.

The research builds on previous surveys that found that many employees found working from home to be beneficial to their performance. ‘Fixed costs too high’

Increasingly, owners of small businesses are deciding to forego the cost of an office, phone and computer equipment, electricity, maintenance and so on and putting those funds into building their teams and investing in their product or service.

“Infrastructure costs are becoming increasingly expensive for UK businesses,” commented Charles Chance, Nimvelo Founder and Managing Director. “In our own start-up business, we’ve found that using remote software tools to establish remote ways of working has lowered our overheads and allowed us to invest more into improving the quality of our service.”