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The Key Hires You Should Make to Help Your Business Grow

As your enterprise starts to gain real traction, you'll need to recruit workers in the right areas to ensure it's full stream ahead

Running your own business is no mean feat, and while the initial stages are likely to consist of a small and tight-knit team of employees, it’s important to plan ahead, and ensure that you’re bringing in the right people to help your business grow. One thing I’ve learnt since starting CV-Library is that it’s essential to hire people whose strengths and weaknesses complement your own; building up a team of intelligent, skilled employees is the best way to ensure your business really takes off.

Hiring for a small business can be just as challenging, and who you bring on board could determine the success of your venture. So, it’s crucial that you get it right. The size of your current team will likely determine how many new hires you need, but generally speaking, there are five key areas that you need to have covered.


As your business starts to grow, and you find yourself with a bigger workforce to contend with, it’s well worth finding someone who can step in and take over this function. Whether it’s scheduling in staff holidays, dealing with any workplace issues, or offering learning and development opportunities, it’s important to have someone in your business who can ensure that the team runs smoothly, and that there are no problems.

Sales/customer Service

If your business is expanding, it likely means that your client base is growing too. If this is the case, it’s probably time to bring on board someone who can deal solely with sales and procuring new clients, in addition to looking after existing customers. How your business treats its clients will often have a direct impact on your businesses reputation and success, so sourcing someone who has the skills to secure new leads and nourish existing customers is crucial.


If you’re ready to bring more people on board and drive growth within your firm, it’s a good idea to have a technical specialist on the team who can ensure that your website and any online products remain innovative and up to date. To be at the forefront of the market, you’ll need someone who can push your company’s tech forwards, and hiring a talented IT employee should be a priority.

From web design and development, to operations and developers, there are a number of areas that will need attention, so it’s important to hire someone who is knowledgeable and skilled in this area.


Getting your business’s name out into the market is key, especially if you’re ready to take the next step and expand your operations. Investing in an employee with marketing experience and knowledge of good marketing practices is crucial, as increased brand awareness will massively contribute to the success of your company. Hiring someone with a strong understanding of brand perception and the methods needed to increase this will be vital for solid business growth, and is an investment well worth making.


Business expansion often goes hand in hand with larger budgets, more expenditure and a need to be more strategic, so employing someone with good accountancy skills is vital. As your business grows, it will be more important than ever to delegate, and build up a strong team around you, and an employee with experience handling business finance is essential.

Even if you’re not yet in the position to recruit for these members of staff, it is important to think ahead and put plans in place. Every business will have different needs, and some may prioritise different areas over others; while one business might be ready to invest more into a sales team, another may choose to spend its resource on increased marketing efforts. But ultimately, these are all key areas that, when filled, will help your business to reach new heights.

Whether you choose to hire senior members of staff with bounds of experience, or entry-level employees who can be trained on the job, it’s important that you source passionate, talented and resilient people to keep driving your business forward; there may well be bumps in the road, and you need a team who can weather these, whilst remaining innovative and motivated.

Taking a business to the next level can be a challenge, but by employing the right people, solid business success will be achievable.