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How to Use Simple Packaging Supplies to Create the Ultimate Branded Experience

With customisation now a must for consumers, your small business is in a great position to capitalise on this trend, if you think outside the box...

Today we are receiving more items in the post than ever before. This is all thanks to the rise of e-commerce. The UK is trailblazing with their online shopping habits and in 2015 our small country spent £1,174 each on internet purchases alone. When compared with Sweden’s spending habits of just £588 it seems we are a nation of online shopping addicts. This trend of purchasing products online has shifted the landscape of product delivery. Today, consumers are demanding more from their online purchases and are looking for an all-encompassing experience when they receive their coveted item in the mail. Marketers have to develop their strategies to include a parcel’s packaging as part of the purchasing experience. This trend is known as the “unboxing” phenomenon where users ceremoniously open their packages and feel emotionally connected to the brand whilst doing so. Creating a branded unboxing experience through carefully curated or personalised packaging makes the customer feel highly valued. In fact, this is a great opportunity for businesses to grow their brand through social media. Currently there are 49,000,000 unboxing videos on YouTube alone and 40% of consumers report that they would share their purchase online if it came in unique packaging. Who is leading the unboxing trend The search term “unboxing” started to gain momentum around 2006 and has experienced growing popularity ever since. One company who is leading the pack in the branded unboxing experience today is Trunk Club, an online styling service. Their boxes are printed in custom suitcase design which reinforces the brand’s identity and the clothes inside are hand tied with a bow. Each delivery also comes with a hand-written note from your stylist explaining their choices. These touches make customers excited to open their item and encourages fierce brand advocacy. Wouldn’t you recommend a company who went to all that effort to please you? What makes branded experiences so successful? Exceeding customer expectations make customers feel valued. The experience is memorable for your customer and encourages repeat purchasing. Unboxers are not affiliated with your company and publicity is gained organically through highly trusted earned media which attracts new customers for free. Small business and branding experiences Small businesses don’t have huge budgets to play with and overgenerous packaging is a sure way to send your company into financial turmoil. However, creating a unique packaging experience for your consumers can be achieved at a low cost. All that’s required is a little extra attention. This is ideal for small businesses that don’t yet have the order turnover of huge brands. You will be able to achieve a marketing edge against large corporations who simply have no time to personalise their packaging. Packaging items can be purchased in bulk, a relatively low cost. So you just need to harness your creative flair to create an unboxing trend that will rival the heavy hitters! Outside the box The outer box must act as a protective layer for your precious goods, but just like Trunk Club you can customise them to suit your customer’s preferences. Bulk buy cardboard boxes at a low cost and use the money you save to offer a personalised service. Why not offer free customisation using stamps with a range of messages; from “I love you” to “Happy Birthday”. Offering this for free at the check-out will enhance the customer experience and add value to the purchase. Inside the box A layer of tissue paper carefully folded over your products is a great way to reinforce your brands colours. This technique also makes the packaging seem more like a present than a purchase. Your customers will be excited as they carefully open the delicate tissue paper to reveal the item they’ve been waiting for. Seal your tissue paper for packaging with dainty stickers or printed packaging tape to give another dimension to the experience. Filling materials Each aspect of the branded packaging experience should work to protect the goods. Luxury filler is a great cushioning product that will not only look fantastic, but prevents damage to your goods in transit. One product that is extremely effective is excelsior. It is clean, non-allergenic and dust-free. What’s more, this product is 100% biodegradable. This is important as 52% of consumers consider the sustainability of packaging when making their purchases. Custom note One of the most effective unboxing additions you can add to your packaging strategy is the custom note. Consumers love to feel like they matter to your brand and that they are more than an order number. A hand written note, especially, creates an emotional connection between the brand and customer. The trend continues Superior packaging is not for big brands with big budgets to match; in fact it’s a great way for small businesses to connect with their customers. These practices can be adopted easily and acts as a free method of marketing as consumers love to share their unboxing experiences across the internet. Ensuring strong emotional ties between you and your customer is a wonderful basis for your start up and will set you apart from brand’s who don’t show their appreciation to their customers. SOURCE