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Security tips

Your Neighbourhood Policing Team can clarify any information and provide you with further crime prevention advice.

Secure your doors When buying a new a door it is better to buy a new “door set”, which is the complete assembled frame and door, certified to British Standard PAS 24-1 ‘Doors of Enhanced Security’. If you do decide to refurbish your existing door check that the frame is firmly fixed and sturdy. Long screws must be used to ensure that door hinges are strong and sturdy and can be reinforced with security fit hinge bolts.

Door viewers can help you identify people before opening the door to them and door chains will stop callers pushing their way in.

For advice and guidance on using the correct type of lock on your door visit Secured by Design

Securing your windows and patio doors When buying new windows, install windows which are certified to British Standard BS7950 “Windows of Enhanced Security” or PAS 24: 2012.

If your window is on a ground floor or has a flat roof above having a window lock is essential. When buying patio doors ask for the sliding section to be on the inside and for anti-lift blocks. Multi-locking systems are recommended or have mortise security bolts with removable keys at the top and bottom of both doors.

Alarming your property Home security alarm systems can be used to strengthen physical home security measures. They can be used as a deterrent and a means of summoning help if somebody breaks into your property.

Visit the Secured by Design for further information.

Secure your garden, shed and garage It is important to check your shed and garage for signs of decay, strengthen the door, frame and hinges with coach bolts or non-return screws. Windows should be secured with grills or heavy wire mesh to increase window security.

A garage defender secures existing garage doors as they bolt into the ground in front of the garage and stop it from being opened until you unlock it and drop it flat.

A ground anchor is a chain or strong point set into the ground to which you can secure valuable items within the shed or garage. Use one which meets Sold Secured Gold standard or Secured by Design.

If you have a door connecting the garage to the house make sure this has the same level of security as your front door, fitting locks that meet BS 3621, or fitting a door that meets PAS 24: 2012.

2-in-1 burglary A 2-in-1 burglary is where thieves break into your home, take your car keys and steal your car. Whilst in your home the thieves may help themselves to much more than just you car keys.

There are three easy steps you can take to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of 2-in-1 burglary:

  • Lock your car

  • Secure your home

  • Hide your keys