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Dog Thefts

Although not common, dogs do get stolen. If it does happen, it is important to act quickly. Owners should always be vigilant and follow our security advice.

Security advice Ensure your pet is microchipped – if your dog runs off and it is found, you can be easily traced as its owner. If your dog is stolen, when it is taken to the vets, they will discover that the dog is chipped and you will be identified as its rightful owner.

  • Don’t leave dogs unattended in the street, however small and friendly the community.

  • Don’t leave them alone in a car – particularly when the weather starts to warm up.

  • Ensure your garden is secure and don’t leave them alone for long periods of time.

  • If you keep them outside, make sure your property and kennels are secure.

  • Always keep them on a lead when walking near roads.

  • Ensure your dog is fully trained to come back to you before you let it off the lead.

  • Don’t allow your pooch to run free near roads or in built up areas.

  • Don’t allow it to run free near farm animals.

  • Don’t let it become a nuisance or danger to other people or animals.

Dog theft rumours Rumours often circulate on social media sites that gangs of dog thieves have been placing stickers on vehicle tyres or gates to mark the homes of dog owners, ready for them to go back and steal the dogs. This is not the case.

For example, the red and yellow dots seen on tyres are placed there by tyre manufacturers. The red dot denotes the heaviest part of the tyre and the yellow dot denotes the lightest. They are not the work of dog thieves.

Resources Stray dogs should be reported to your local council’s dog warden. http://www.dogtheftaction.com/