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Is everything FINE in your sales team? Beware!

FINE is such a nonsense word - the “can’t be bothered” description, a get out, the “I don't want to talk about it” message. Scott Ginsberg wrote FINE stands for Feelings I’m Not Expressing. How true!

Do you ever ask your sales team “How are you, how’s your life, your sales, your customers?” and they reply “FINE thanks!” Well, I suggest you step back and re-visit the question because this may well be a rehearsed and superficial answer. There could be all sorts of issues going on underneath the surface with which individuals may benefit from your support. In the world of sales, a team should be confident, motivated, winning, smashing it, owning the pitch, over delivering, being the best and claiming the prizes. FINE does not belong here!

If you perceive that your team is FINE, then the easy thing to do is to rush in to your next budget meeting or business lunch, so important in your world.

Ignore FINE at your peril! The FINE team may be telling you they don't want to share, can’t be bothered to engage, are hoping they can resolve issues before you find out about them, and really wish you would just get off their case. You don't need a Behavioural Analysis Unit to tell you this is not good.

Time to re-engage, to get close to your team and their day to day tasks. Make sure they know that you are on their side, interested in their achievements and available to share the difficult bits of life.

Display FINE and you will get FINE. Be a leader and inspire their passion! Sack FINE and bring out the trophy sales, and the phenomenal days when you all go home buzzing.

Be the top of your game, the best you can be!

As for FINE - that is so yesterday!

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