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Churn More - Earn More, Guaranteed!

You know the day. The dog’s thrown up. The kids spilt everything everywhere and blamed you. The train was late, the coffee cold, your tights laddered (one for the ladies) and you have forgotten your diary.

These are the days that the churn is most important. This is the moment that defines your grit.

Often when we just do what we do, it can become normal. In sales, the days that delight are when prizes are on display, there’s a lunch meeting at a fancy restaurant or maybe coffee and cake as the client signs. Such occasions add shine, buzz and shimmer to a day, but what really matters is the churn.

Churn is when you just keeping doing what you do. When you have not had a yes, a bite, an enquiry or so much as a sniff for your fabulous product or service. Deep down you know you’re good, the best even. So why are there no sniffs, bites, enquiries or yes’s?

There will be if you keep churning. Stick with it. Put in the grind. Stay on the treadmill. Keep at it, stay focussed and make the activity happen!

Here is a super simple, life formula learned years ago and taught frequently since.


The churn is the effort. It shows how much you want it and how much you are putting in to get the results, because they WILL happen IF you continue to churn.

The timing of the reward? Well, today’s churn might not pay back until next month, next quarter, next year even but I guarantee it will pay back. Maybe not as you think, but it will pay back.


That’s the difference between being OK and being brilliant!

Now get churning and be brilliant!

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