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A greenhouse and a topless man!

Here we go again - how do I transform a greenhouse into a sales blog? Well, read on!

I want to buy a greenhouse - a 6’ x 8’ timber frame greenhouse. Gardening is my most uncool passion. I just love to grow plants from seed and have a garden full of colour. A timber frame greenhouse has been on my list for a few years now and is set to become a reality very soon.

Last Friday, armed with enthusiasm and anticipation, I headed to Harrogate Spring Flower Show, which must be the best flower show in the UK. It was brilliant! Horticap displayed the Magic Roundabout garden; the daffodil and lily displays were stunning and the scent overwhelming. The presenters, displays, stands and even the band, excelled in all they did. Then the greenhouse, the one I have in mind, was right there, looking spectacular alongside neighbouring wooden structures. A chat with the Greenhouse Team about bases and installation reassured me that this particular greenhouse was destined for my garden.

But then, further down the row, I saw another timber frame greenhouse and a sales rep with too many buttons undone (this is Yorkshire) approached me. The cost, especially today, just for me, was less than yesterday and because it was Friday they would throw in shelves, stands, brackets and all but the plants and the sunshine!

This gentleman was cold and not just because of the undone buttons. He needed to be hot – a red hot salesman! Lovely chap, but he really needed to learn how to sell, not just baffle me with facts and figures, accompanied by an eagerness to give away products to ensure a clear stand by the end of the show. He needed to understand my buying motive and touch on that nerve. Instead, he made it all about the price before I had even expressed an interest.

I guess that his boss or even this lovely chap, might think they have a good product and are doing ok, so why would they need to learn about selling? It’s so simple! Selling is a process and if we understand that process, we can sell so much more, so much better. Then a much more satisfying, successful and profitable all round experience is created.

Should I have passed him my business card?

If you know anyone who operates like this lovely chap, then seriously, it’s time to book them on the Fun Training For Results “Learn How to Sell in a Day” course!

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