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Malcom had Perspiration Issues!

Malcom dreaded networking!

Not the nicest topic but true. Malcom needed help. The very thought of standing up at a Networking event and talking to strangers brought him out in a full on sweat. He'd taken to wearing dark colours to try and disguise the symptoms but wiping his forehead, on repeat, was not a great look.

Networking can be beyond awkward, mingling with complete strangers who ordinarily you'd just walk past. Instead, you now must be interested in the accountant’s new software and their business and worse still, you have to talk about yours. Really, all Malcom wanted to do was to run.

But, and it’s a huge but, Malcom understood the value of referrals. If networking was scary then cold calling presented a positive horror. Malcom knew that networking leads to referrals and with that he knew he had to learn how to do it properly. His business depended on it.

Malcom attended a Learn How To Sell in A Day course with Fun Training For Results, where he learned how to network effectively. He now has a library of Sixty Seconds, the skills to listen to and chat with prospects. Malcom learned much more on his day with Fun Training For Results, but mostly, his dread of networking is now well gone - as is the underarm problem. Malcom is now cool!

Want to learn to network effectively to gain referrals?

Learn How to Sell in a Day - May 19th & June 16th Rudding Park, £300 + Vat


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