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Should you Do It (all) Yourself?

As a sole trader or new start up it is easy to feel you need to do everything yourself. Running a business, particularly in the early stages, is challenging. Not only financially but in terms of time management. And as your careful nurturing pays off and your business expands, so does the administrative burden. You don’t want to work until 3am every day but there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Maybe your family are starting to complain that they never see you. Maybe your family are telling you they want to see the fun, rested, happy you. Not the tired, stressed you.

A bit of help at the right time would make all the difference to keeping the business momentum going. But a small business can’t afford admin staff. Or can it?

What if you could access a highly experienced administrator who could take some of the administrative burden off your shoulders only at the times when you want them to? What if you had someone you could call on to come in and do a couple of hours a week or a month for you? Someone you could trust to complete routine and time consuming tasks whether regularly or as a one off task? How much revenue producing work could you get done if you weren’t trying to do every little thing in your business?

Sometimes a small amount of help is all you need. A couple of hours sorting a pile of documentation you don’t have time to tackle. Someone to respond to Emails and letters on your behalf. Someone to research suppliers or tidy up a contact list to ensure everything is current.

A Virtual Assistant (VA) or Freelance Office Administrator can provide this type of flexible support, giving you access to administrative expertise at a price you can afford. So, if you need a hand, click here to choose your preferred method to get in touch with me for a no obligation chat.