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Just Do It!

We all know the Nike advert and their slogan, so on Friday, rounding off a brilliant week - I just did it!

It was a proud moment for me. Some would never do this. Some would freeze and avoid doing anything at all. But I get it! I really do! So, last Friday I just got on with it.

It’s fair to say that having Paul Wilson of Flapjack Films and Kelly Nicholls of NY Design behind the camera, made the experience easy, pain free and smooth. I was filming for a 60” mini advert all about Fun Training For Results. Being super passionate about and very proud of Fun Training For Results, I needed this to be right, spot on, top drawer, 100%. I believe it will be so now I must wait and see.

Being in front of the camera, reading my own words about the results which Fun Training delivers, was exciting because I was talking about a company and its methods that I believe in wholeheartedly. Better still, I was sharing how the people that attend the course benefit from it. They go out walking tall, speaking well, knowing how to share, listen, watch out and sell more.

Funny how that 60” film was actually about the delegates and their results! That’s what drives me and so drives the business. When people learn in a fun way, they remember things. What they remember and take away with them will then affect their sales immediately, in a hugely positive way. Testimonials back this up and demonstrate an increase in appointments made, conversion and strike rate improved, fear gone, process learnt, LinkedIn embraced. My favourite testimonial is this one which came in after the “Learn How to Sell in a Day” course.

“Morning Sally! Thank you so much for the other day. I was absolutely dreading it, but it was great fun and I came away with so much more experience and confidence. So, thank you again.”

So, today, whatever it is for you - just do it! I did it!

Sally Fun Training For Results, encouraging you to just do it!

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