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From Clunk to Smooth

Remember learning to drive, crashing the gears, lurching forward? It’s awkward, uncomfortable, clunky, scary. Every manoeuvre needs your full concentration.

Learning to sell is no different. It’s also a process and starts off clunky. But here’s the big win! When we go through the clunk and recognise that it’s just a part of the learning process, we move on to achieve the smooth.

There are many well respected books that refer to this process, describing skills moving from the conscious to the unconscious, incompetent to competent and so on. In true Fun Training For Results style, it is simply referred to as clunk to smooth.

This was demonstrated beautifully two weeks ago when the delegates on the Fun Training For Results course were planning to deliver their Step 6, Presenting with Passion. This group found presenting their product well, clunky, very awkward indeed.

They had plenty of facts, figures and technical detail – but no passion! We all need a bit of passion in life but in selling, it is an absolute must. Stripping back the jargon and the technical bits and uncovering and engaging with the passion did not come easy to these delegates first time round. But – and I love a but, by the second, third and fourth attempts, the result was simply WOW!

This team discovered how to express some emotion about their proposition. They got excited about how their product could deliver feelings and results that their competition could not. When they understood that people buy on feeling and then brought that feeling to the pitch, the difference in their delivery was awesome.

Let’s be real! It was not awesome straight away, in fact quite the opposite. I saw heads in hands, and signs of despair and disbelief that they were being tasked with such a thing. Throw in a few palpitations and this was a very big clunk! However, after a reminder that Fun Training is supposed to be Fun after all, some sunshine and a strong desire to improve, then I saw clunk transform into smooth.

Clunk is not reserved for rookies, but for anyone trying something out of their comfort zone for the first time. Presentations are never perfect first time. They require practice, edits and more practice on repeat. Only then does smooth arrive.

Going through clunk is all part of the process of being the best you can be. When you embrace clunk, it means you’re learning, improving, moving forward. Now that’s a good thing!

Need help moving from clunk to smooth?

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