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Walter was a Taker!

So, we all know that there are givers and takers in this life. There are watchers and doers and the “let’s talk about it” people who wait for someone else to push the boat out.

Well, Walter was a taker. Walter was 28 and proud of his entrepreneurial abilities - all funded by Mummy and Daddy. Walter generally got what he wanted, always had done. As a toddler, the tantrums led to a reward. As a school boy, he smashed up his room and stomped his feet until his parents agreed to buy him a place on the school cricket team. Walter was not a team player. As a teenager he struggled. He was too slow for ruggers and too selfish for football. Somehow, he obtained a university degree (was it anything to do with a sizeable donation to his college?) and Walter was off into the big wide world.

Mindful of his awkwardness when it came to interpersonal skills, his parents saw him as a bit of an entrepreneur and had the resources to back him. Walter relished this idea and from his mortgage free penthouse he began to create a business. Hours of isolation as a teenager paid off and his love for all things IT & Apps saw him create an App Supermarket. It was revolutionary, a phenomenal idea, a true hit without a doubt. But Walter needed to get it out there and create a market for his product.

So, Walter called all the right people. The right people did not take his calls. Walter tried to network, pitching whenever he could. Walter even met for coffee with people for whom he cared very little. On each occasion, Walter expected people to give him names of their contacts as referrals, his impatience little disguised as his expensive shoes tapped the floor at speed. Walter was helped initially by genuinely kind people who understood the game and were keen to pay forward. But when he tried to arrange to meet them again, he found that they were suddenly very busy, engaged, out of office, full diary, no response. Oh dear!

Walter didn’t understand what was going on. His focus had only ever been himself and his experience of success was a matter of stamping his feet and shouting a lot to get what he wanted. Networking for Walter became trickier, his days lonelier. Walter and his App Supermarket were just not getting the right exposure.

To safeguard their investment, Mummy and Daddy stepped in again and introduced Walter to a Business Mentor called Louise. Louise knew the importance of paying forward, of helping others, finding out what their focus is and showing appreciation for what others do. She had to teach Walter the Business Facts of Life and show him how effective a “like” or a comment could be and where referrals came from.

There was work to be done with Walter! Life transforming work!

Are you a Walter? Do you know a Walter? Do you need a Louise?

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