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What's the biggest marketing struggle for your small business?

Time, Knowledge or Budget?

Whichever one describes you, you are not alone!

We regularly meet SMEs who are spending so much time 'in' their business, that the outside world can feel so far away - but that's where your customers are and believe us they are looking for you!

Small business is BIG business - no really, a town couldn't survive without you! Here's just a few reasons why:

  • You give a town it's vibrancy;

  • You make your town different to any other;

  • You offer a more personal, friendly service because you know word of mouth is your biggest asset

But how can you stand out from a crowd? - Ever heard of the phrase 'stronger together'?

In a nutshell, we help small businesses by bringing them together through membership. Sound too simple? Wait til you hear how little it costs!

Remember, you don't have to have a BIG business to shout LOUD!

We have established a great way to connect independent businesses to their local communities but our reach doesn't stop there! In total on social media alone, we have a possible reach of 2.5 million per week!

Fancy raising your profile? Want to save money? How does getting back some time sound? How about not worrying about not knowing everything?

Click here and complete our short form, we'll send you some information.

There is no obligation, so what's the worse that can happen??