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Three Reasons Why Sharing Your Expertise Can Help You Win More Customers

When it comes to marketing your business, promoting your products or services may be important, however sharing your expertise is equally effective in helping to win more customers.

It allows you to open up a conversation with readers and engage in topics and interests that they will genuinely find useful. By sharing your expertise consistently through articles, guides and videos, more commonly known as content marketing, you will keep that conversation going so that your business always stays top of mind.

But does it matter if you choose to ignore this marketing tactic? Here are our three reasons to show you why sharing expertise is important in driving more customers to your local business.

1) Raise your company profile

Giving advice or providing content that tackles problems or issues people might have can help to raise your company profile and increase your local reputation. Customers want to feel valued so sharing information that will help them in some way or they may find useful is a great way to build your reputation within the local community.

For example, a local jewellers might share advice about jewellery aftercare or give tips on cleaning gold or silver. These don’t promote products specifically but help to prove you’re an expert so when it comes to buying, you are seen as a more trusted and reliable business.

But don’t forget, simply sharing your expertise won’t raise your profile on its own. It’s important to promote it through various channels such email marketing, social media and your website for example. The more places you share your expertise, the more opportunity you have for people to see it.

2) Be seen as an educator

Not only can you raise your profile by sharing your expertise but you can also help establish your business as a leader in your industry by demonstrating your specialist knowledge to help gain trust and increase customer loyalty.

Using content to inform and educate is a clever way to transform the way people see and think about your business. By sharing knowledge and advice, you’re more likely to win customers when they come to make purchase decisions as they will recognise your business as a specialist in your industry.

3) Fill your pipeline

Sharing content may not mean an immediate sale but it’s important to remember that content marketing isn’t designed to achieve this. It’s about raising awareness and adding value to your potential customer’s relationship with your business so that when they do have a need for your products or services, you will be top of mind and their first choice for consideration when it comes to making a purchase decision.

It’s worth investing time in your content marketing so that it pays off in the long-run. Be consistent, provide articles or advice on a weekly or monthly basis so that people can look forward to your content. Creating frequent content can be quite time consuming though, so if you’re just starting out or not sure how to create engaging content, there are services out there to help, like our own sponsored content product.