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The Homeless Guy

I hid in the back room, knowing the doorbell was about to ring.

Have you been there? Knowing the doorbell is going to ring, that maybe the Jehovah’s Witnesses are wanting to change your life? So, you close the blinds, make it look as if you’re out and hide. You wait for them to go next door and then breathe a sigh of relief when you see that they have.

I crossed the road to avoid the homeless guy.

Have you been there? Knowing that he has clocked you and really, today, you absolutely don’t want to top up his booze fund? You keep walking and breathe a sigh of relief, glad that your three quid is still in your pocket.

I kept walking – pretending to be engrossed in my phone.

Have you been there? When you can’t be doing with conversation, you just want to be quiet and in your own world? So, it’s head down, hope you don’t meet anyone and great a sigh of relief that you get away, unrecognised.

As adults, human beings, we all have our funny ways of living, some days keen to embrace the world and other days happy to hide away.

In business, it’s so easy to assume we know what the caller is going to say, the new prospect is likely to do or the existing client is sure to complain about.

But STOP! Here’s the challenge! How can you know? How can you possibly know?

Like Elsie without the cornflake box on her head, the world looks different, full of opportunity and learning.

The door bell incident turned out to be a flower delivery, a wonderful “thank you” for a recent course delivered. On a high, I approached the homeless guy with a hot chocolate and a bacon butty and brought a little cheer to his day. Spotting an old friend, I went across for a chat and valued sharing some of life’s goings on with him.

Assuming is easy. Being lazy requires no effort and no thought. However, effort, skill and activity in business create success.


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