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New workshops & our Glasshouse Take-Away Launches...

Half and full day workshops start in November. Get in touch to book your preferred date before they start filling up.

Workshops up until Christmas will be as follows :

  • Friday 10th November Drop In Session - book your table space, come and play and chill...

  • Saturday 11th November Frit Slurry Dish - £25 per dish

  • Friday 17th November Cast a Heart or a Star - £20 per cast/hour upwards depending on size of piece made

  • Saturday 18th November Christmas Decs Workshop - £60 pp

  • Friday 24th November Make your own cocktail/gin sticks - £30 per set of 6

  • Friday 8th December Christmas Decs Workshop - £60

  • Saturday 9th December Childrens Christmas Makes Workshop - from £5 upwards

  • Friday 15th December Drop in Session - Book your table space and come and play and chill

Again, get in touch to book your place(s) - attheglasshousestudio@gmail.com or call 07780 683366.

Glasshouse Take-away

A new addition to the glasshouse this autumn is the Take-away kit.

I have put together a glass making kit you can use at home for childrens parties, girls' nights' in, coffee mornings, family gatherings, rainy day activites, fundraising events...whatever you choose, numbers to suit you.

Consisting of:

  • Pre-cut base glass...e.g coasters, small dishes, hangers etc. Again this will be pre-determined by yourself.

  • A selection of coloured frit, stringers and glass pieces.

  • Glue and brushes.

  • Wooden racks for safe transport.

The idea...you will make the glass pieces in your home or other chosen venue. All pieces are to be glued as you go and and left to dry fully. Once dry, carefully stack the pieces into the transport trays and bring them back to me. I will fuse and slump (where required) ready for you to collect at your leisure.

All pieces are priced so that you know exactly what you, or members of your party are spending before they commit or as they go.

There is no hire charge for the kit...you only pay for what you make.

This kit can never replace the experience you get from the Glasshouse but it does give you the opportunity to play at home or with a bigger group of people.

Ring me if you would like further details 07780 683366

So you lovely people, can I lastly say a huge, big thank you for your patience over the last three months, it really is appreciated. Now, lets get this show back on the road!

Look forward to seeing you all and your fabulous creations soon.