• Handpicked Harrogate

I have won the lottery!

So, I will get an office, employ a team, get re-branded, a new web site that talks, a new car of course – maybe a Bentley, with a chauffeur and a very visible PA. As it’s business darling, schedule in light lunches please and an upgrade from just coffee.

Thinking I will hire a stylist to source a new wardrobe, the right bags, and of course, a suitable on trend image. Must send out the right message with the right image. Then I’ll need a Personal Trainer so that I wear the new image well, and a hairdresser on standby to do my hair whilst I make calls, look busy or play candy crush.

You buy a lottery ticket, you wait, you dream, you check – it’s over!

Five or six numbers won’t change your life. Only you can do that. So, dig deep, take a breath and begin the change!

I believe in you!

Sally Roberts


07432 545692