• Handpicked Harrogate

All fur coat and no knickers...

Now there’s a headline, but you understand it? It’s like the fabulous chandelier in the hotel lobby that exudes class and elegance, but then you’re shown to your room – a very average room.

Then there’s the toy box, that’s big, bright and shiny, displaying the brilliant, must have toy of the moment. When you open it, you find a small plastic toy encased in swathes of unsquashable packaging. The toy breaks soon after.

How about the gentleman who is suited and booted, starched to within an inch and smelling expensive? So very smart that he must be professional, right? But never a call back or a returned email.

First impressions matter and like it or not, we all make them.

All the gear no idea, resonates. A phrase used by road safety bods when talking about some 50+ bikers.

In sales, sincere selling is all about the relationship. Building a relationship requires an investment of time, understanding and commitment. Look beyond the suit, the box, the lobby, the fur coat! Be that person, the one who is more than just a razzle dazzle first impression – be sincere!

You will, I promise, sell more and have happier customers.

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