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Embracing change in 2018

InBound changes...Keeping you up to speed with changes in our services

You will have noticed a little change when you log into Inbound, you will now be directed to the new format automatically. This will allow you to familiarise yourself with the new interface, during this transition phase you will still be able to switch back to the old interface style at any time, until this closes on the 3rd April 2018, as can be seen above.

New GDPR legislation comes into effect from 25th May 2018 - are you ready?

We'll feature more information on this in February's newsletter but if you have any immediate concerns contact us on 0333 240 9100

Staying sharp means embracing change

Your customers rely more than ever on digital channels to discover, research, experience and buy services - our products can grow with you, are you ready for an upgrade?

Our Predictions... Many years ago I was thrust into this industry with little knowledge and a whole mountain of enthusiasm, much has changed over the years but as my career progresses in to its third decade in this fascinating environment, I again look forward to the changes in the industry in the coming year.

It all started with IDA diallers and minutes, ISDN was just around the corner and line rentals reserved for sole use and supply by British Telecom PLC, we even faxed provision orders, how this has changed and where is it going in 2018?

Calls & Access, WLR, Openreach, WLR 2 and now WLR3 has been a journey that to some degree feels like it may be coming to an end, the provider of the UK’s communications infrastructure (at least the current largest) is moving to a pure fibre delivery and potentially turning off ISDN (reportedly 2025). As such, we will continue to see the unrelenting switch to the cloud and associated services such as VoIP.

This will generate an increased need for security expertise and a robust security portfolio. End-users will be looking for Telephony/IT service providers with more security experience, who can improve their organization’s security posture. Five years ago, being an IT provider meant keeping business infrastructure up and running, but now it’s more than that. 2018 will continue the focus on keeping business-critical data safe from today’s sophisticated threats and recovering data when a disaster from a threat or other source occurs.

Another thing motivating end-users to improve security in the coming year is the need to adhere to strict compliance standards such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which will come into effect in late May. If you haven’t already, 2018 should be the year that you step up your security game. While 2017 may have been the year of cyber threats, 2018 is the year of prevention.

AI (Artificial intelligence): has been a major technology theme again last year and will continue its relentless march forward. From computers beating humans in games to the growing automation of previously human-only tasks such as customer service and logistics. Should we be worried?

Academics and tech industry leaders differ in opinion about the risks involved.

At one end of the scale, Prof Stephen Hawking has warned that AI could "spell the end of the human race" while Tesla's Elon Musk has said that a universal basic income - in which people get paid whether or not they work - has a "good chance" of becoming necessary as jobs become increasingly automated. Sourch of above – BBC Technology

Ofcom has finally allowed the legal separation of OPENREACH from BT. With its own Board of Directors this will guarantee greater independence with a duty to treat all of its customers equally……..right, the BT Group still hold the assets!!

In Conclusion

We live in a rapidly changing digital landscape, the rise of the IOT (Internet of Things), AI and software defined networks, along with the need for leaders to drive business transformation by developing inspirational and forward- thinking cultures.

We are now living in a post-digital era where millennials expect always on, instant access to content and collaborative environments, via fast fibre networks, and easy to use Apps.

As Sir Charles Dunstone so eloquently put it… “You can’t run away from change. You must run into it and assess how you can optimise your position and get ahead before anyone else”. Sourch of above – Comms Vision – Gleneagles – 8/9/10 Nov 17

Buying habits will continue to be driven by technology with 2017 statistics suggesting that most people complete 84% (64% in 2016) of the purchase process before even engaging with suppliers. We believe this percentage will continue to increase during 2018.

Despite the challenges out there, the Telecoms/IT industry continues to be resilient and adaptive, growing and changing, as demand requires. At Deep Blue Telecom we take this ethos to heart, providing customer specific solutions that can change to the world around them. So if your New Year’s resolution is to overhaul your Telecoms & IT, why not give Deep Blue a call (0333 240 9100) to learn more.

Ross Knapman Managing Director


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