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Let's get naked...

Shall we? Just for fun?

Just imagine if everyone in work today, everyone was, well, naked!

No brands or labels to identify ourselves; no fragrance by that particular perfume house to signal your worth; no shoes with three stripes or a sole in bright right red; no designer suit or bag. Nothing but you, stripped down (literally). No leather interior car with two exhausts, no expensive postcode area to refer to or luxury holiday to talk about. Just you – naked!

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

We use so many things around us to get dressed, not to cover up but to get dressed. To put on our armour, our disguise, to protect ourselves by creating the image and projecting the person we wish to be.

We use the clothes, the accessories, bag, shoes, car to make us feel good, to authenticate ourselves. Brands back up hierarchy, status, self-worth. They tell people what we want them to know. We show our hand, state our intention. But if we got naked, I would not know about the Aston, the Rolex, the Hugo Boss suit and you would not know about the Chanel purse, the Bentley, the Hermes bag and Dior skirt. Would we do business differently?

Of course, business would be different! There would be no hiding place – no hiding place. It would be awful. Let business stay as it is, dressed, but remember next year, look beyond the label, look at the person and see who they really are!

Now get dressed!

Sally Roberts

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