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How to pay for a garden waste licence

It is easier to pay for your subscription online. Once you have signed up for a customer account (which only takes a few minutes to set up if you don’t already have one), simply complete our online subscription form. Please have your debit/credit card details ready. Alternatively please contact our Customer Services team on 01423 500600. You can join anytime throughout the season but you will still be required to pay £39. If you join early you will benefit from the maximum number of collections (reductions cannot be made for fewer collections). If you are sharing a garden waste licence with a neighbour or live in a block of flats you will need to decide who registers and subscribe in the same way. If you wish to have more than one licence you will need to pay the annual subscription fee for each additional bin (or additional sacks). You can request a new, replacement or additional bins/box or bag by completing the enquiries form below. The licence is only valid for the property where it was registered and is non-transferable. You can cancel your subscription at any time but you will not be entitled to a refund. To cancel your subscription please complete the enquiries form below.

Scam awareness on garden waste licences The council will never phone you offering to sell you or to facilitate the sale of garden waste licences, you must contact us. You may only purchase garden waste licences via the council's website or by phoning our Customer Services team on 01423 500600. If you do receive contact with anyone, please be aware this could be a scam. If in any doubt, please contact us on 01423 500600.