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Spring Lambs

Have you seen them, the beautiful little lambs, reminding us that winter is finally over and that spring is here?

They are so delightful! They jump because they can, then they skip, flip and jump some more. They are excited by the grass, water, their mums and other lambs. Their excitement is infectious, it makes you smile.

Driving back from Skipton, I watched as a baby lamb, giddy and excited with life, eager to take on the world, bounced, jumped and played. Meanwhile the ewe stood, quietly watching, keeping guard, protecting her lively lamb.

In business it’s easy to criticise the rookie, the new ideas, the high energy and the excitement. Those who have been around a little longer ask for quiet, calm and peace. The young turn up the volume, have bucket loads of ideas - all do-able obviously!

With age comes experience and wisdom. Also, with age comes caution. In business it is important to encourage passion, energy and ideas. We don’t know it all, never will. The older I get, the more I realise how little I know.

To be brilliant in your business, encourage the young with their passion and creativity. Combine it with your wisdom and knowledge. Then stand back for extraordinary results!

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