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Do I need to Blog?

"Do I Need to Blog?" A question I've been asked a few times lately. My response is almost always a resounding YES! ... Here's why.

Obviously, you don't need to blog; but the benefits of blogging are proven and significant - it works for any business; large or small. Add to this that, generally, the more blogging you do, the better the payoff - and the answer becomes;

YES! And do plenty of it!

Having said this; quality far outweighs quantity in a very noisy blogosphere. Don't just blog for the sake of it, but go the extra mile to answer the questions you hear frequently and be genuinely useful to your audience.

Publish your blogs consistently and you will develop an audience of readers who will know where and when to find your new posts.

People buy from people whom they know, like and trust.

Don't blog for anybody and everybody. Understanding your ideal target customer and their unique problems and challenges, before you put pen to paper, will focus you for success.

It's true that givers gain - and giving away a little bit of your hard-earned know-how does go a long way towards winning you trust and credibility.

Sounds like a lot of work?

Yes. I can't lie.

Even if you do decide to focus on publishing high-quality articles on a moderately frequent basis, you will still need to promote that work to develop a following of readers.

A few channels to work;

• Your followers on social media: Engagement through Twitter chats and similar targeted social media 'events' will deliver your content to a relevant audience and grow your network.

• Your sales team: Support their pitches and provide answers to any objections they frequently encounter within the sales funnel.

• Your email subscribers: Delivering content via this very powerful channel to an already engaged audience makes for even more effective email campaigns.

• Your business acquaintances and contacts: Ask everyone you know to share, share, share your content and enhance its reach out as far and wide as you possibly can.

• Guest blog: If you are invited to guest blog then chances are you're onto a winner; especially if doing so will get you coverage on a well-read and popular blog.

In summary

• Yes, get blogging!

• Identify and understand your ideal customer

• Answer your ideal customer's burning questions

• Be useful and helpful

• If you are invited to guest post on a credible and popular blog; jump on that opportunity and maximise it. Further; actually pitch guest blogs to those successful bloggers and ask them to feature your posts.

• Afford equal time and devotion to researching quality topics, writing quality articles and distributing your blogs to the widest possible network.

Source: ColourBox Marketing - Lisa Butterworth