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Making Joe's Dreams Come True

Joe’s mum asked me whether I thought her son was too young for coaching. I answered gently by saying that was her to decide. I added that, in my opinion, the earlier children learn about being confident and making their dreams come true the better. The conversation moved onto what we might do together.

The previous session had been a great for Joe, at the end he declared “Now I know what you’ve taught me I can be happy.” That got me thinking about his mum’s question again. With her son saying that, surely it’s not too early for him to learn more?

Then he dropped another bombshell “Dreams don’t come true”.In that moment I saw how his words could hold him back. Where are we without our dreams? Where will we end up? Surely we need to do more to help our children realise that they can make their dreams come true.

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Source: Simon Benn