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Helping Molly See She is Perfect

Molly’s mum thinks Molly is perfect. But Molly doesn’t - that became crystal clear in the first 10 minutes of our conversation. Her young wisdom told her that her mum is biased - “Of course you would say I’m perfect. You’re my mum.”

It wasn’t until half an hour into our coaching session that Molly caught the first glimpse of her perfection. After an hour she saw she’s 100% perfect. The change in her was so profound the hairs on my arms stood up as I got goose pimples of excitement. I could see Molly’s view of Molly had changed.

That was yesterday morning and last night another parent asked me a really great question “Why do children lose their confidence?” I mulled this over driving home until I got the answer…

One of our greatest fears as adults is that we’re not good enough. One of children’s greatest fears is that they’re not good enough. Somewhere along the way we lose sight of our perfection. Just as Molly had. It’s my job to keep pointing at that perfection until the child sees it. I can’t see it for them. You can’t see it for them. They have to see it for themselves.

If you’d like some help helping your child see their perfection, then come and meet me at The West Park Hotel in Harrogate on Saturday June 30th


SOURCE: Simon Benn