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Do you have a Personal Brand?

When asked that question you may be tempted to answer no, however it might be that you need to think about that question another way.

How about:

  • Do you have an image that you look to convey when dealing with a prospect?

  • Do you have personal values that influence the way you do business?

  • Do you stand apart from your competitors in some way?

If you start to consider yourself in these terms then you are talking about your personal brand and I'd like to share with you my 8 key tips to creating an effective personal brand to help you engage more effectively with those you'd like to do business with.

  1. Be authentic

  2. Be consistant

  3. What's your back story?

  4. Have a positive attitude

  5. Position your expertise

  6. Be Visible

  7. Be clear about your value proposition

  8. Build you network

To understand clearly how these tips can help you create your personal brand, take a look at this short video (3:17) and remember we buy from High street brands because of what they stand for, people will buy from you for what you stand for.

Source: Linked2Success