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Local Bookseller Goes Viral

Local independent bookseller, and author, Georgia Duffy, had a really bad trading day this week. She took to Twitter to ask local people to come in and buy a book, a card or a gift for a friend, but I doubt she expected the outpouring of support that she received. Not only did our lovely local community rally around her, but her Twitter post went viral, attracting support from across the UK.

According to a BBC News post on 28 June, Georgia's plea was clicked over 1 million times, and retweeted by over 4,000 people. The BBC post quotes Georgia, "I never expected the post to go viral and to get such a response," she said. "So many people have been in touch with me, sending messages, people placing orders and others just giving us donations, it's been amazing. "Before this we didn't even have Paypal set up so I spent Tuesday frantically sorting that out to accommodate all the orders we were getting."

Georgia's shop, Imagined Things, is the first independent book store to open in the town for 20 years. Situated in the Westminster Arcade, Parliament St, Harrogate, it is a beautiful space which sells not only books but gifts and cards. Georgia stocks a wide range of books, including some great books for children. If the book is not in stock, Imagined Things will get it for you within 24 to 48 hours. Just as fast as that large online organisation we won't name. Much more importantly, when you buy from an independent, a real person does a little happy dance every single time.

Georgia now has PayPal set up and an online store is on its way, so if can't get to the store for any reason, you will be able to purchase from Imagined Things.

If you are in Harrogate, or visiting the area, Imagined Things will soon be opening on Sundays (from 22 July).

There are plenty of other independent stores in the Arcade as well as a lovely coffee shop, so it's a great place to have a look around once you've been into the bookshop. Within Harrogate itself we have a number of wonderful independent businesses and I'm sure they'd do a little happy dance too if you were to visit them.

You can call Imagined Things on 01423 391301 and the website is here: imaginedthings.co.uk/

Georgia is also an author and her own book, Futurespan, is of course stocked by Imagined Things.