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LinkedIn Local Launches

On 19th July, local LinkedIn expert Steve Phillip launched Harrogate's first LinkedIn Local event at The Everyman Theatre, Harrogate.

The event was fully booked days ahead with local business owners flocking to the event. And it didn't disappoint. The energy and buzz in the room was fabulous.

The idea is to invite people to the event who are within your LinkedIn network but whom you may not have met in person for a while, if at all. Throughout early July a flurry of posts, messages and emails were flying around Harrogate and District as people shared the love for this interesting idea which is gathering momentum around the country.

The venue was perfect for the event and Steve had arranged for nibbles and drinks which got everyone talking initially. However, as often happens, people were talking to those whom they already knew. This all changed when Steve explained the very clever "Nearby" feature on the mobile version of LinkedIn. All of a sudden everyone was trying to listen and work their phones, with gasps of astonishment and amusement ringing out around the room. Then we were all off around the room, guided by our phones, frantically finding the people listed, making jokes about profile photos and vying to be the first to connect on LinkedIn. It's a miracle there weren't any crashes or accidents as we all sped about navigating by phone from person to person. We then had the QR code feature demonstrated, but the Nearby feature had everyone hooked and for the rest of the night, people were looking each other up on LinkedIn every time they met instead of using business cards.

After the excitement of the Nearby feature had reduced a little, Steve bravely undertook to answer LinkedIn questions from the room and did a fine job of answering all our burning issues effectively with his customary wit and charm.

Do look out for future LinkedIn Local events from Steve. They were a valuable and interesting addition to the thriving Harrogate business networking scene. A great mixture of networking and learning and a great way to connect, or reconnect, with contacts whom you may not have seen for a while.