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Thoughts on the Last Six Months

Business ownership can be very hard work. Building up a business is difficult and often slower than we'd like. Balancing a new business and paid work during the early stages can be particularly challenging. In these circumstances, balancing everything you need, or want, to do can be a real struggle.

Our own Handpicked Harrogate member, Victoria Turner is known for her upbeat, friendly and positive outlook. An outlook she brings to her beautifully photographed and thoughtfully written blog. However, recently her "ability to polish a turd" wore off for a little while. Bravely, she has written about this, openly, honestly and with clarity. I thought it was an important post to share. So many of us with small businesses worry that it is only us that has a wobble now and again and everyone else is just effortlessly moving through their day. This is not the case and this post highlights the difficulties of juggling multiple areas of your life successfully. You can read it here.

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