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The Harrogate Hub: It's OK not to be happy in "HappyGate"

It’s not exactly hard to understand why Harrogate has been listed ‘Happiest Place to Live’ three years in a row (2013-2015), earning it’s nickname ‘Happygate’. We’ve got beautiful green spaces, low crime and unemployment, well-regarded schools, excellent NHS services, we’re close to idyllic countryside, and that’s not to mention the abundance of wonderful shops, restaurants, and cafes that we have access too. However, is this the full picture? The Harrogate Hub knows that it is not.

Many of us living in Harrogate face mental health issues, struggle to pay the rent, feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities of caring for a parent with dementia, worry about our families…and the list goes on. We all face challenges, big and small.

Regular readers will be aware that Victoria Turner, aka The Harrogate Girl, penned a very personal post about a difficult few months in her life recently. I shared it here on Handpicked but if you missed it, you can read it here.

When The Harrogate Hub read Victoria's post they contacted her and Victoria in her turn was keen to showcase the great work that this team do for our community. The result was this blog which details the support that is available if you aren't feeling so happy in Happygate.

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