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New Co-Working Space Launches in Harrogate

The fabulous new Indieworx Collective co-working space is holding a launch event on 31 October and I was lucky enough to be invited along ahead of the launch to have a sneaky peek around this amazing space. The brainchild of successful business owner Jem Henderson, the space provides a much needed space within Harrogate for both established small businesses and those looking to start up and to grow. Jem has done wonders with the space, an old kitchen showroom on Grove Road, creating a space which is both relaxed and functional. Jem has worked tirelessly to bring this space to Harrogate, surmounting challenges in the firm belief that this space would be a hugely beneficial contribution to small business in the area.

This social enterprise has been set up with sustainability at the heart of everything it does, and uses repurposed furniture, though you’d never know it to look around the place which is attractive with a feeling of warmth and comfort fully in keeping with some of the fanciest co-working spaces you might see in larger cities.

Jem has created a really relaxed vibe throughout. There are break out areas, a comfortable area to chat, have a cuppa and catch up with others who use the space, as well as the desk areas and a boardroom space with a huge TV screen which would be perfect not only for meetings but also for holding training events.

The Council have been a key partner in the initiative and Jem has plans in place to introduce business advice services to the space, allowing those who are new to business, or just setting up, to access information and support to make their transition into business easier and more successful.

Of course any co-working space benefits from the collaboration between those who use it, allowing partnerships to grow which can be highly beneficial both to the people involved and the wider business community. Everyone has their own experiences to bring, which is why the break out areas are such a key part of the space. These provide the opportunity to share expertise and knowledge and the more people who utilise the space, the more knowledge and advice becomes available and the more talent we can nurture and incubate within the Harrogate area.

There are 30 desk spaces available at the moment, with plans to open up more of the space as the enterprise expands. The space is aimed at ensuring flexibility, so they provide pop-in desks, for just £18 per day, as well as a 2 day a week package at £99 per month. The latter is flexible, so you could work for four days one week and not work in the space at all the next week, or have set days if you wished. It’s really up to the business owner to work in the way that suits them and their business.

For businesses who want access to the buzz of the co-working space five days a week, there is a “Desk of your Own” package at £220 per month. All prices are plus VAT but provide a very reasonably priced alternative to working alone, and give a feeling of connection and support that can be badly needed if you are running a business alone.

The boardroom holds 8 people and can be hired for £15 per hour or £120 for a day (eight hours).

There are lockers available for £15 a month so you can keep your kit on site and safe if you wish, rather than hauling all your stationery and small items back and forth each time.

There’s a registered office at £25 for the year and Post Office Option at £15 per month, allowing a small business to use the address rather than their own home.

There are limited parking permits available at £5 per week and there will soon be bike stands installed for those who like to cycle to work.

The launch day on 31 October allows you to not only visit the space but also to try it out. You can work there for free on the launch day and there will be free pizza and beer as well as the usual coffee and of course, Yorkshire Tea.

Don’t expect such treatment every day, however, once the space is occupied, there are plans for the fabulous Little Breads team to bring their highly popular lunch van onto the site so that everyone can eat well at lunchtime and fuel themselves for the afternoon.

Jem has many exciting plans for Indieworx Collective as it grows. If you’d like to visit the site to see how it could benefit your business, please pop in to see Jem at the space which is on Grove Road not far from the school and on the opposite side of the road. Alternatively, call Jem on 07877 118200, email her on jem@indieworxcollective.com, or to find out more about the space, go to www.indieworxcollective.com.

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