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How to Stay Motivated.... when you really don't feel like it

Chances are you’ve noticed it’s hard to stay motivated. It can be even harder when you’re a business owner.

There’s a Blog to write, social media to schedule, a web page to make changes to and that’s before we even talk about what goes on outside of your business. Dull domestics anyone?

There will be ‘those’ days when you feel bleurgh and can’t be bothered to take action and get it done. You’d much rather have a snuggly duvet day or catch up with your favourite box set on the sofa.

And the excitement, get up and go, enthusiasm, kick-ass attitude that 2018 was going to be YOUR year has waned and vanished without trace.

Or you spot glimpses of all that motivation, only for it to melt into a big heap of meh!

I have days like that too! Of course I do. It’s perfectly normal, but with a few simple techniques you can turn your dilly-dallying into a flow of productive and focused activity.

Read about Tracey's five key tips here and find out how to stay motivated when you really aren't feeling the love.

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