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Boroughbridge couple in race to rehome 6,000 free-range hens by Christmas

A farm shop near Boroughbridge has set itself the task of finding good homes for all 6,000 of its hens within the next four weeks. Minskip Farm Shop will be giving away its free-range egg-layers by December 16 to save them from slaughter and are looking for kind-hearted people with a taste for fresh eggs.

Ben and Emma Mosey only took over the business 18 months ago, and have won the British Free Range Egg Producers Retailer of the Year Award for the quality of their eggs, an accolade previously won by Aldi, Marks and Spencer and Booths.

They felt it was important to attempt to provide homes for hens at the end of their commercial laying cycle, rather than subjecting them to slaughter.

Ms Mosey said: “We are determined to rehome all of our gorgeous girls who have done so well for us over the past year. There’s still so much more life (and eggs) in these chucks yet! “We believe there is life beyond the farm, and that every back garden should have few of these wonderful creatures. Not to mention the freshest eggs, laid every day!”

All hopeful re-homers have to do is fill in a short questionnaire on the farm shop’s website – www.minskipfarmshop.com – declaring they have adequate facilities and a basic knowledge of animal husbandry. They will then be able to collect their hens from Minskip Farm Shop.


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