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Five ways to fall in love with Sprouts

Ahh, the season of the humble sprout. You either love ‘em or hate ‘em but you can’t escape ‘em at this time of year. Brussels sprouts are what makes a Christmas Turkey dinner and are even known to cause the odd argument between parent and child – there’s no pudding!

However, your mum was right to make you eat them. They contain more than your daily requirement of vitamin K and plenty of B vitamins which is great for maintaining your energy – you’ll be thankful for that in the mid-afternoon Christmas slump!

Whether you are a fan of sprouts and looking to make the most of them before and during Christmas, or you have a sprout or two left over from Christmas day and want to know how to make them into a gourmet delight, these five recipes are for you. All five are courtesy of The Harrogate Girl with a little help from Fodder and can be accessed on The Harrogate Girl blog just here.

This Brussels Sprout pad Thai looks gorgeous.

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