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2019 Design Trends inspired by the Natural World

Funky patterns, industrial materials, gallery walls, minimalist design – they’ve had their time. As we near the end of 2019, a whole bunch of fresh inspiring ideas have taken centre stage – and they’re all driven by our natural world, and the increasing desire (and need) to both preserve it and be at one with it.

What are the latest trends? Read on to be well and truly naturally inspired…

Natural textiles

Think wools, cotton, linen, leather and alpaca. Not only are they growing in popularity but by using them you’ll put our environment first whilst creating a heavenly textured home. You won’t have to worry about the textiles losing their good looks over time – they age beautifully. Plus, they’re healthy and easy-to-clean.

They’re breathable too – making them a great choice, whatever the weather. And when it comes to using these materials, they are super versatile – from cosy woollen throws and comfy leather couches to cool linen curtains.

Biophilic design

Biophilia means love of nature so the concept of this design trend is incorporating natural elements in your home. Choose wood and stone features, then complement with natural daylight and greenery. For example, in your kitchen you could have wooden floors, stone tiles, a large window area to let the light in, as well as an oxygen-boosting array of house plants.

Bring the outside in and take inspiration from the Great Outdoors. It’s not just your home that will benefit from this design trend – it’s said to reduce stress, boost creativity and improve wellbeing.

Sustainable options

As we become more aware of how our choices impact the world, choosing materials that are ethically sourced and made by hand is increasingly popular. From animal-free leather and jute rugs to rice paper shoji screen and clay vases, the majority is entirely recycled or re-invented.

Durable and versatile, many of us opt for these products as a way to feel closer to earth and their roots. And, if you fancy adding a very personal touch to your home, how about some DIY? Sustainable materials are perfect for it.

Mixed metal accents

Another popular interior trend is the combination of metals. Create a timeless and tasteful look by pairing a dark colour scheme with light reflective accents around the room.

Mixing metals can add warmth and depth to even the smallest of rooms. And, when it comes to picking the accents, the world’s your oyster. Brass, gold or nickel paired with either bronze or aged iron always work a treat.

Light wood floors

It’s not just wooden floors that are on-trend – it’s specifically light wood floors that are de rigeur. They create a more open look and feel. Opt for shades like birch, beachy white or light oak, and you’ll find it simple to both reflect the light and achieve a great sense of warmth and comfort.

Light, dark, or somewhere in between, you’ll be able to please all tastes by incorporating elements of the natural world. Here at Hartleys, we even have a fresh new Autumn range of rustic wood grains which are ready to be transformed into the bespoke furniture of your liking.

Get in touch to discuss our fitted furniture pieces in detail or why not visit our Yorkshire showroom? We also provide tailored creative and design advice, and we’d be happy to carry out a design visit too.