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15 Date ideas to perk up your relationship

With Valentines’ day just around the corner, The Harrogate Girl has fifteen great date ideas that would be perfect for making the day special.

1. Hold hands in the Valley Gardens (FREE)

The Valley Garden’s is a popular spot in Harrogate. I often find myself strolling through after a hard days work. The volunteers do a cracking job of the landscaped gardens. So I say, next time you’re in town take a wonder down to the Valley Gardens and stroll, hand in hand. Discuss life, dreams and hopes for the future, after all a bit of day dreaming is good for the soul.

2. Book a Duo Massage Masterclass at Rudding Park Spa (£240 per couple)

Rudding Park has just opened it’s £9 million spa – it’s a must see! Relax side by side as your spa therapists perform a back, neck and shoulder massage. You will then each be coached in the art of simple massage technique with time to practice on each other. Take away these skills so you can continue massage relaxation at home. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!

3. Have a picnic at home (use local shops to get the food)

I love nothing more than food. OK, I may love Niki a little bit more, but food is definitely my second favourite thing. A cheap and cheerful way of doing something a little different with your partner is to have a picnic at home. This is a great one for days when the weather is just a little bit rubbish. Set the scene – lay out a rug, some comfy cushions, put some tunes on and light a few candles. Buy finger food. It could be Vale of Mowbray pork pies, crisps and dip or it could be cold meats and cheeses; what ever you fancy. This is a great date as you can even do it when the kids have gone to bed.

4. Have a fun day out at Lightwater Valley (£20pp online)

Our local theme park, Lightwater Valley is a scream on a date. I was once taken there as a surprise and i have to say the boy did good. It was a great first date. So take your other half for a fun-packed, thrill-seaking day out.

5. Enjoy a romantic meal at The Drum & Monkey (mid to high price restaurant)

If you’re a seafood lover, like me (see food and eat it!) then a romantic, candle-lit dinner at the Drum & Monkey is my idea of heaven. It is the first seafood restaurant which converted me to liking fish. I had a beautiful meaty monkfish in a white sauce.

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