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6 Ways to Brighten Up a Small Kitchen

Cooking in a small kitchen can be a claustrophobic experience, especially when the heat is up and the extractor fan is on. However, before you consider an expensive remodel or extension, try these inventive makeover hacks to brighten up the limited space in your kitchen.

Choose a light colour scheme

Dark coloured walls, cabinets and cupboards can really encroach on the space around them. You can instantly open up your kitchen by painting these areas white. You could also think about replacing cabinet and cupboard doors with see-through alternatives, this will increase the visible space in your kitchen. If you’re worried about the whitewash making your kitchen look a bit plain, accessorise with bright seating, vibrant crockery and colourful kitchen utensils – this will create an eye-pleasing contrast without making your kitchen feel cramped.


If your kitchen is on the small side, the last thing you want to do is to use up valuable space with non-essential clutter. Remove any items that are not absolutely necessary – such as shoes and superfluous seating – and find space for these in other, more expansive rooms. You should also ensure that your kitchen is clean and tidy at all times, with crockery and utensils neatly put away out of sight. If you struggle to find the time to tidy (who doesn’t?), click on the following link for some useful tips.

Place lights in dark corners

Dark sucks the space out of a room. In a kitchen, offending areas can often be found under cabinets and cupboards. To increase brightness in these shadowy corners, try to introduce some lighting. You can install embedded under cabinet lighting or opt for less permanent stick on lights.

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