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How to ensure a smooth home move

Spring is traditionally the most popular time to move home. But even with the bank holidays providing some extra days to the process, it can still end up being rather stressful, especially if you have children off school for the Easter holidays. So to ease potentially tricky moments in your new abode, here are three essential tips for a smooth home move.

Conduct a home survey

Once you’ve decided on a property, you’ll want to get a professional home survey carried out to find out if there are any issues with it. Whilst this will incur a fee, it will be much less than the cost of any substantial defects such as structural defaults. Subsidence or damp (which can lead to mould) will not just damage your home, but potentially have an impact on your health too.

Take preventative measures

While you’re in the process of moving in and unpacking, the last thing you’ll need is the lights suddenly going off or the water pipes bursting unexpectedly. Perhaps you might not be able to avoid these situations altogether, but you can know how to deal with them more effectively. Identify exactly where your mains supplies are, along with the shut-off valves and stopcock.

If pipes are exposed to frost, then they are at risk of freezing. You can prevent this by ensuring they are adequately insulated. Make a note of your metre readings on the day you move in for an accurate bill. Also, check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Not only will this allow for any problems to be fixed, but you can sidestep the chances of life-threatening situations.

Ensure appliances are safe

You’ll want to guarantee that any appliances that come with the property are safe to use. A Gas Safe Register engineer will be able to check all of these, including cookers, central heating and boilers. You are well within your rights to ask the existing home owner for a service record of all gas appliances in the property.

The alternative: Improve not move

Perhaps a few features of your home are making it appear unappealing, but this doesn’t mean moving is a necessity. There are plenty of problems that can be easily solved and cost far less than a new property altogether. Not to mention, improving your home is much less stressful!

If architectural features make your current property feel small, you can take back your space with fitted furniture. Areas like a cupboard under the stairs can be re-designed by using the space to create a handy pantry.

Instead of wanting to move, transform your home into a place you love. If space is an issue, consider how bespoke furniture will enhance into your property too. This is where Hartleys can assist. Our bespoke creative and design advice will ensure that every fitted storage option is stylised to your home and needs.

SOURCE: Sara Haggas for Hartleys

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