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What to sow and grow in July

July is the perfect growing month. The vegetable garden is full of produce and the borders are at their peak. You'll be busy watering, looking out for pests and keeping the weeds at bay.

If you are looking to bridge the gap between spring and summer, Foxgloves, sweet william and scented wallflowers are all good choices. .

July is also a great time to sow spring flowering perennial seeds in trays. You can also prepare for your winter containers by sowing some winter flowering pansies in the greenhouse.

You can also direct sow forget-me-not seeds outdoors from May to September which will mimic the natural process which follows their spring flowering. These plants are ideal for areas of dappled shade.

July is a good time to plant out autumn flowering bulbs such as autumn crocus and nerine.

If you have a vegetable garden, July is a great time to plant kohl rabi seeds. You can expect a crop in approximately 8 weeks from date of sowing the seeds.

You can also sow gherkins indoors by early July to transplant outside later. You can expect to start harvesting the fruits when small, around late summer.

Outdoors in the main vegetable garden you can sow basil in pots to keep on your patio. Don't forget to bring this in over the winter though.

Fast growing herbs like coriander, dill and parsley can also be sown either direct into the soil or into pots at this time of year.

July is the ideal time to make your last sowings of beetroot so they mature in time for autumn and make further sowings of french or runner beans to extend the cropping season into autumn.

If you are growing lettuce, other salad leaves, spring onions or radishes you can continue to direct sow seeds every three weeks or so for a continuous supply. Take care to water radishes well, particularly in warm weather.

July is also a good time to plant out brussels sprouts, sprouting broccoli, winter cabbages, hardy cauliflowers, kale and leeks outdoors.


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