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5 Mood-Boosting Ideas For Your Home

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The past 12 months have been testing for all of us. Having been unable to spend time with loved ones and enjoy the activities that would normally aid our mental wellbeing, many of us have noticed a significant change in our overall mood. The restrictions that the pandemic has brought with it have resulted in a greater call for mental health support across the UK, where even the most upbeat of us are now feeling weary and in need of a mental boost.

If all goes according to plan, the final national restrictions will be lifted in June, when life as we once knew it will hopefully resume and we can rejoice in the simple pleasures which we once took totally for granted. In the meantime, we thought we’d share a few mood-boosting alterations you can make to your home which we hope will help see you through the next couple of months…

Happy Colours

The use of colour is a really effective, but simple, way of transforming the ambience within your living space. Before choosing a colour, you should first consider the mood you wish to create.

Yellows and oranges are bright and cheery and can be really motivational and energising; imagine sunny yellow doors on your kitchen units, or a bright orange statement wall in your home office!

Pastel shades such as light pink, peach and lilac also create a positive vibe, but in a more subtle way. Experience a calming and uplifting feeling waking up in a sea of lilac. Blue also promotes calm and rest, warding off insomnia and promoting deep sleep. If you want to be a little bolder in the bedroom, purple is an excellent choice as it offers a sense of luxuriousness, which is why it’s often used in boutique hotels.

Green mimics nature. In its softer forms, green is a soothing shade that aids concentration and relaxation, ideal for a bedroom or home-study. Bolder greens are the sign for “go” and can have a galvanising effect, so perfect for the kitchen or hallway, which are generally busy areas of the home.

Freedom to Flow

According to Feng Shui, clutter within your home can negatively influence the flow of energy and subsequently affect your mood. With this in mind, the first step towards creating a living space in which positive energy can freely flow is to tidy up and declutter.

Consider investing in bespoke fitted furniture as a myriad of storage solutions can be incorporated into one room, ensuring each and every one of your belongings has a home of its own, and piles of books, clothes and other miscellaneous objects don’t get the chance to accumulate. Clear spaces allow your brain to relax too, essential for getting off to sleep at night time. As we all appreciate, a restful night’s sleep has a big impact on how we feel about approaching a new day.

Remember too that clutter doesn’t just necessarily apply to an excessive amount of physical items. Too many colours or patterns within a space can be just as distracting to the mind and will also have a detrimental effect on your mood, so choose your décor carefully.

Natural Vibes

There are fewer things that promote positive energy as effectively as our connection with nature. When we are stressed or emotionally uptight, many of us find nature to be immensely comforting. A casual walk through woodland or a park can be incredibly therapeutic. Many of us have come to appreciate the health benefits of our gardens in recent months, whether turning the soil, weeding and planting or simply enjoying the great outdoors. So why not bring a touch of the outdoors into your home? A herb garden on your kitchen window sill, a shelfie full of greenery in your hallway or a few vases of pretty blooms carefully dotted around your living space – any of these will all make you feel closer to nature and give you a natural ‘pick-me-up’.Indoor plants to boost your mood

Lighten Up

It’s surprising how a simple change in lighting can instantly transform the ambience of a room and with it, our mood and energy too. With the days now becoming longer, there’s more opportunity to benefit from natural light, which significantly benefits our wellbeing. There’s a reason why conservatories are becoming more popular and people are opting for skylights and including more glass in their home design.

Every room in the home can help us enjoy the sunshine, whether it’s eating breakfast in the kitchen with the sun shining through the window, or feeling the sun on our bodies when we’re focusing hard on our home studies. So allow the daylight into your home by unblocking windows and opening curtains, and soak up it's simultaneously relaxing and energising rays!

Personal Touches

Sometimes all we need to boost our mood are little reminders of what makes us happy. Whether that’s a piece of art, treasured trinkets or a selection of family photographs, surrounding ourselves with things that make us smile can have a huge impact on how we feel. A gallery wall of your favourite photographs in any room of your home will provide you with a constant uplift and form a positive reminder that life will soon return to normal and we will once again be able to create those special memories.

At Hartleys we’re good at designing stylish storage solutions for bedrooms, home-studies, lounges and multi-purpose areas. Our fitted furniture provides a safe and accessible home for all your belonging, which helps slow the tide of clutter. If you’d like to arrange an appointment to see one of our experienced design team, please call us on 01756 700471 or contact us via our website.