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A New Adventure...

Brackenfield Nursery Opens Outdoor Learning Area

The youngest children at Brackenfield School have been enjoying their time in the great outdoors, discovering the nursery’s new open-air learning and exploration space.

Excited pupils at the Harrogate-based preparatory school enthusiastically put the school’s latest investment to the test, which has been specially designed to present the children with fresh challenges, adventures and opportunities for development, whilst interacting with the natural world around them.

The innovative new area is home to a variety of fun and interactive activities, allowing the young explorers to immerse themselves into a highly engaging and interactive outdoor environment. Children can develop their creativity and confidence while expressing their imagination on the mirrored stage, and work on their problem-solving skills and co-ordination in the garden centre, mud kitchen and pebble pit complete with weighing scales and spades.

Another focal point is the ‘reading rainforest’ corner, where children are encouraged to take their favourite books outside to enjoy a story with their friends and teachers on the circle of log stools.

Headmaster Joe Masterson commented, “Outdoor Learning is one of the four areas of a powerful mission we use to focus our children’s achievements here at Brackenfield School. We strive to ensure that while revelling in technology as a means to excite, ignite and redefine learning, a strong sense of balance is also retained for our pupils towards human connection, nature and the outdoors. We are lucky to be endowed with many leafy trees and specific outdoor learning areas on site, including our recently renovated nursery facility.

“It is in the happy and stimulating environment of our Nursery where the foundations are laid for the rest of each child’s education. Children who join Brackenfield Nursery are soon happy and confident in their new surrounding and rapidly become integrated into the Brackenfield School family.”

Founded in 1977, Brackenfield has been Harrogate’s Prep school for over 40 years, long enough for the school to witness the circle of life. Brackenfield School is now welcoming parents who were once pupils there themselves. Margie Sutcliffe, the founding Head, established a family ethos at the school that now lives on in perpetuity. More than anything else, children are happy and cared for; Brackenfield School is an extended family.

For those looking to arrange a visit to Brackenfield or receive a copy of the school prospectus, contact the School Office on: 01423 508558 or email admin@brackenfieldschool.co.uk.

Discover more about Brackenfield today by visiting, www.brackenfieldschool.co.uk