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All you need is love, but a little bit of chocolate every now and then doesn't hurt!

A classic dessert in many a household. It's rich, creamy and let's face it absolutely delicious. We've searched for our top selection of puddings with chocolate that you can make and enjoy from home. A little of what you fancy does you good...

Caution: May make you drool!

Salted caramel chocolate pots

Rich and sumptuous these little pots of chocolatey goodness pair Tesco Finest Salted Caramel Sauce with a thick chocolate ganache and a liqueur-infused whipped cream topping. Top with toasted hazelnuts and a grating of chocolate for added decadence. Get the recipe

Chocolate & banoffee whoopie pies

Everyone’s mad for whoopie pies in the States, and they’re catching on here too. They’re sort of the perfect little sweet sandwich. I’ve gone for a classic combo here but you can be as inventive as you like. Get the recipe

Fudgy chocolate squares

Moist chocolate cake covered in glossy ganache – great for a special afternoon tea. Get the recipe

Chocolate mousse & compote

Using a good-quality, ready-made compote is an easy cheat here. Get the recipe

Caramel chocolate 'scotch eggs'

A tasty take on a Scotch Egg that will go down a treat. Covered with brownie bites and with a gooey caramel yolk. Forget Easter, this is an all-year rounder! Get the recipe

Raspberry chocolate mousse cake

A stunning raspberry chocolate mousse cake recipe, with chocolate sponge and fluffy raspberry mousse. Drizzle with raspberry purée for a decadent dinner party dessert or colourful sweet treat. Get the recipe

Chocolate & caramel tart with hazelnuts

This is one when you want to show off and believe us it's tasty. Get the recipe

Chocolate martini

Crave chocolate but fancy something a bit more grown-up? Look no further than this recipe for a decadent (and adult) chocolate martini. Get the recipe

No-churn chocolate ice cream

Could this be the easiest ever ice cream recipe? A no-churn chocolate ice cream that's ready for the freezer in just 15 minutes, all you have to do is wait patiently before you dig in... Get the recipe