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Application guidance for joining North Yorkshire Police

Thinking of joining the police? We've handpicked this guide for you which gives great tips from the interview process and beyond.

Candidates will be assessed using competency-based questions (CBQs).

Application forms and interviews

On most application forms and interviews, we will ask candidates to provide evidence against the ‘Personal Qualities’, ‘National Occupational Standards’ and ‘Essential Criteria’ for the position they are applying for. For competency-based questions we are looking for candidates to provide us with a real-life example of a situation they have experienced and dealt with. Read the ‘Role Profile’ (attached to the advert) and ‘Job Description’ (attached to the bottom of the role profile) for the position; these will contain a breakdown of the criteria your answers will be marked against – ensure you understand the key points we are looking for.

Choosing your example

Identify the correct example to use in your situation, choose one which clearly demonstrates the relevant competency and provides you with the opportunity to describe your own personal contribution.

Structuring your answer

We would advise using the STAR technique to get the most out of your examples.

  • Situation—What was the situation?

  • Task—What needed to be done?

  • Action—What did you do?

  • Result—What was the outcome?

Hints and tips

  • Use ‘I’ to show your clear contribution.

  • Use active verbs.

  • Be truthful, factual and use your own words.

  • Concentrate on what you did and keep everything else to a minimum.

  • Stick to the word count, successful applicants make the most of this.

  • Use the spell check facility in English (UK).

Dos and don'ts guide

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