• Handpicked Harrogate

As Spring Approaches...

When it comes to spring bulbs, nobody does it better than Harrogate. Whether you are marvelling at the crocus' and daffodils on the Stray, drinking in the stunning floral planting around the town centre, or exploring the Valley Gardens or Harlow Carr, Harrogate has it all when it comes to spring.

Of course, spring also brings new life with lambs born and birds building their nests. This month in our magazine we share some exciting news; one of our lovely local businesses has got a new nest. We also shine the spotlight on not one but two local community projects. The independent business spotlight shines on our local independent bakeries this month and we are sure you'll want to rush out to sample their fabulous bread, cakes and biscuits. We hope you enjoy our Hand-picks and feel inspired to visit these, and our many other lovely businesses over the coming weeks.

If food is your thing, we have a treat for you with recipes to help you make the most of local seasonal foods as well as a Herbidaceous article from our fabulous regular columnist, Paul Fogarty.

So, why not put your feet up, settle down with your drink of choice, click the magazine cover and get started.


Highlights from February's E-Magazine

Health & Wellness

Healthy Feet

We take care of the skin on our face and body as a matter of routine but what about your feet? They do a lot of work. All that walking, plus cramming them into shoes and standing on them for much of the day. Your feet work hard and deserve a bit of TLC.


Eating Seasonally

Find recipes that help you eat seasonally for the time of year, including our cauliflower collection.

Spotlight On

Independent Bakers

We are spoilt for choice in Harrogate with a wide range of fabulous bakeries in our lovely town. Whether it's bread, cake or pastries you are craving, we've got the handpicks that will have you raving.


Digital Marketing on a small budget

One of the biggest concerns businesses have when they are in the early stages of growth is Marketing. How, where and when to Market your business becomes of paramount importance with Social Media at the top of everyone's "Must Do" list.

Are you overloaded?

Work overload results when the demands of the job role exceed the limits of reasonable human endurance. People try to do too much, in too little time, with too few resources.

If you've enjoyed our magazine, and you'd like your business to be featured, we have a new package feature available for regular advertisers which provides a discount. People need to see something more than once in order to choose to buy so we wanted to make it even more affordable for you.