Beauty in the Kitchen

These simple tips for beauty treatments you can whip up in the kitchen are great to have available in a beauty emergency or between visits to our lovely local beauty salons.

Tea Bag Eye Mask

Well, we are in Yorkshire after all. Caffeine can reduce swelling making your Yorkshire Tea bags useful for more than just a right proper brew. Herbal teas can also soothe inflammation. So whichever type of tea you prefer, just steep two tea bags in hot water for three to five minutes. Remove them from the water and put them to cool. Enjoy the tea in the usual way. Once your tea bags are warm rather than hot, put one bag on each eye and cover with a soft cloth.

Olive or Coconut Oil

Most home made beauty remedies include oil because they are so versatile and they really work. Olive Oil makes a great deep conditioner for your hair and scalp, you can even add it to your normal shampoo for normal use. It creates really soft, shiny locks. Many of us wash our hair in very hot water and this can strip out the natural oils. Using Olive oil will replace the lost oils and using a cooler temperature will reduce the loss of natural oils. A win-win.

Olive Oil and either salt or sugar can be used to make a very effective body scrub. Olive oil and sugar works particularly well on dry, rough winter hands. Put a little sugar in your hand, pour over a little olive oil, and rub all over your hands for a couple of minutes before washing off. The results are instant with this one.

Coconut Oil is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in cooking and is extremely useful in home made beauty treatments too.

Make a lip scrub for dry winter lips using a little coconut oil, coconut or ordinary sugar and some honey (if you are not vegan).

Coconut oil can be used in place of olive oil as a hair serum and is great for taming frizz if you’ve run out of anti-frizz serum. Just put a little on the pads of your fingers and pull through the frizzy areas to tame and smooth them. But you do only need a dab of it. Too much will make your hair look greasy.

This oil also makes a brilliant cuticle oil. Just wipe it on and let it sit.

Home Facial

Some facials include steam, which opens pores and helps rid the skin of product build up and is great for acne-prone skin. Just take a large bowl, fill it half way with boiling water and hold your face close with a towel over your head. You can add a drop of tea tree oil to the water if you wish. This is a natural anti-inflammatory. You can also add some mint leaves to soothe and cleansed the skin. Hold this for five to ten minutes, definitely no longer than ten minutes. Afterwards you can use lemon juice or apple cider vinegar as a toner before moisturising your face. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water as this is great for your skin.

Natural Face Mask

This one will both improve uneven skin tone and give a wonderfully soft skin texture. The lactic acid in the yogurt exfoliates and allows newer skin cells to be revealed.

Mix a tablespoon each of natural, plain yoghurt, honey and turmeric powder together in a small bowl. Apply the mixture to your clean face and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse well with warm water.

Avocado Hydrating Face Mask

Avocados work wonders on your skin, particularly if it is feeling a bit dry, as often happens in winter with the effect of the cold and wind.

Take half an avocado and mash it with 2 teaspoons of honey. Once they are well mashed together, apply the mask to your clean face. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then rinse well with warm water and a flannel.