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Bringing empty properties back into use

With Harrogate Borough Council

Next week marks National Empty Homes Week so we're using this initiative to once again encourage people to bring empty homes back into use.

We've launched the Empty Homes Loan scheme to help property owners carry out essential repairs to their property and bring them back into use.

The scheme is for anyone who owns a property, which has been empty for more than six months, and wants to carry out repairs or improvement works but does not have the money to do so. Priority will also be given to properties that have been empty for two years or longer.

The loan can be used for essential repairs and improvements to an empty home, such as fixing faulty electrical wiring or a leaking roof. Or to bring it up to a standard so that it can be occupied again.

There is no set repayment term and there are no monthly repayments. All is that is required is that it is paid back within five years of the work being completed or when the house is sold.

Find out more by visiting our Empty Homes Loan page.